Meet Our Team

Jennifer Munro, LMT (She/Her/Hers) ~ Licensed Massage Therapist/ Energy Worker/ Lymphatic Specialist/ Owner 

Jennifer began her holistic health career by attending the accelerated massage therapy program at the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy in 2019.  This transformative and cathartic process ignited a passion to further her education and expand her knowledge of the many alternative and complementary somatic therapies available to support the self healing process within us all.

Jennifer’s continuing education focuses on resources and training to expand her ability to support clients that are working through grief, trauma, PTSD and life experiences that are negatively impacting their health. Her areas of advanced study and certification include Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Advanced Deep Fascial Release. Additionally, Jennifer attained the End of Life Doula certification and is a hospice volunteer.

When Jennifer isn’t pursuing her many educational passions and career pursuits, you can usually find her at home with her two awesome kids and one crazy dog or out enjoying the never ending beauty of Colorado. Book With Jennifer 

Matthew Seale, LMT (He/Him/His) ~ Licensed Massage Therapist

Matthew was born in Alaska and has loved massage therapy since his early memories of giving his mom massages as a child. He graduated from an AZ massage therapy school in 2002. In his 20+ years within the holistic industry, his passion for massage therapy has brought him work in healthcare environments, with professional sports athletes, and in Colorado  mountain luxury lodges.

In his life outside of bodywork he spends time with his wife and family. He also practices being in stillness and is a spiritual advisor.  Matthew states that his example of living in the now and being balanced has brought fulfillment, joy and internal peace that he enjoys sharing! Book With  Matthew

Rachel Schuler, LMT (She/Her/Hers) ~ Licensed Massage Therapist ~

Hi I'm Rachel, Licensed Massage Therapist and Bodyworker. I am a graduate of The Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins, Colorado. My passion for massage & bodywork begins with the fulfillment I get in helping others. I want to help you connect to your body, listen to it, manage physical pain, and help relieve posture issues. My training in neuromuscular therapy and trauma touch therapy allow for a unique bodywork session customized for your needs. I look forward to working with you! Book With Rachel





Tierdri Savage, LMT (She/Her/Hers) ~ Licensed Massage Therapist

I'm Tierdri! I'm a licensed massage therapist. I graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in Lakewood in 2016.  I specialize in Deep Tissue, cupping and sports massage! I'm an advocate for self care and love for ourselves.  I believe our physical body holds a lot of our emotions and by releasing muscle tension we release emotions that are being held. Becoming a massage therapist taught me smooch about myself and what I want to offer to this world.  Not only that but it allowed me space for my own healing.  I believe part of being a human is constantly reinventing/ finding ourselves.

Tierdri believes continuing education is important.  She is currently getting her Women's facilitator certification and also learning Thai Massage.  When she isn't working she is a devoted mother of two young children. Book With Tierdri



Mia Pacelli, LMT (She/Her/Hers) ~ Reiki Master

Hello, I’m Mia (Mya), a Holistic Energy Healer. I am a Certified Usui/Crystalline Reiki Healer and Energy worker. Shortly after moving to Colorado, a sudden career change prompted me to become a licensed massage therapist. It felt right and I thoroughly enjoyed my work helping others feel more grounded, relaxed and on a path of healing. It was during massage school classes featuring TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, that I rediscovered my intuitive connection to source I had as a child and felt the calling to learn more. I started taking intuitive classes for guidance, which lead me to learn all I could about Healing Reiki Energy. Over the next 5+ years I became a Reiki Healer receiving many different symbols that allow me to help you heal in most aspects of your physical, mental and energetic self. Book With  Mia

Tina Marrer (She/Her/Hers) ~ Front Desk Wizard

Tina joined Anahata Massage as a Front Desk Wizard bringing her long background in customer service and years of experience running her own Real Estate Transaction Coordinator business, as well as previous years of Executive Administrative experience. Her diverse skillset is an asset we're grateful to have!

In Tina’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and two “children” cats, working in the garden and polishing semi-precious gemstones for jewelry.