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Salt and Sound Meditation every Second Monday of the Month 6-7pm

Held is our luxurious yet grounding Salt Room, we combine Halotherapy (salt therapy) with the sound therapy of 432 Hz Sound Asanas to cleanse your body, balance your chakras and nurture your nervous system. Join us the second Monday of each Month for this unique and deeply healing experience. $25

Monthly Gong Sound Bath with Ian Somerville 11/19/22 5:00 - 6:00pm

Come and feel what a powerful gong can do to relax your body, clear and reset your chakra system and quiet the mind. Join us for "adult nap time" as Ian plays for most of the hour, following a soothing and heart centered meditation, while you drift away and return as the intensity of his 30" gong ebbs and flows with a range of sounds from traditional deep gong vibrations to light and whispy cosmic vibrations. $15

Spiritual Warrior Workshop with RasMoses Sunday 11/20/22 4-6pm

Guided by international teacher and chant/reggae artist Shankara aka RasMoses. Learn ancient practices from the East that will awaken, enliven, and empower your spiritual warrior within. We will learn The 5 Tibetan Rites which is known to reverse aging and get the chakras spinning at the same speed as the earth. Dive deep into internal martial arts such as Tai chi, Chi Gung and Pa Gua including the healing practice of Banging of the Bones. We will chant sacred mantras and pranyamas. $27